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Friday, 18 November 2016

Career in Dairy Technology

Dairy industry is large organized sector today. Professionals associated with dairy technology have to work with milk production, processing, packaging, storage, transport, and Distribution. Dairy technologists, technicians, bio technologists and engineers are required in this industry. Candidates can find jobs in dairy farms, cooperatives, rural banks, milk product processing and manufacturing industries. Those who want to go in the field of dairy technology should not mind living away from cities in rural areas without basic comforts and should be comfortable working in cattle fields. Indian Council for Agricultural Research, National Dairy Development Board, National Dairy Research Institute, Anand Milk Union Ltd, Agriculture Universities are among the major employers in India. 

Job Types
• Dairy Scientists or Dairy Technologists 
• Dairy Researcher 
• Dairy Engineers 
• Dairying Entrepreneur 
• Dairy Consultants 
• Teachers 
• Researcher 
• Pharmacist 
• Dairy Pharmacist 
• Production Executive 
• Dairy Extension Officer Few of the Dairying Employment Areas 
• Dairy Farms 
• Research and Development Agencies 
• Universities 
• Dairy Equipment Manufacturers 
• Quality Control Department 
• Consultancy 
• Creamery 
• Ice Cream units 
• Milk Unions 
• Dairy Boards 
• Milk Cooperatives 
• Milk Product Processing Plants 
• Milk Products Manufacturing Industries 

• Dairy Science 
• Dairy technology 
• Dairy Microbiology 
• Dairy Chemistry 
• Animal Biochemistry 
• Animal Genetics and Breeding 
• Dairy Marketing 


B Tech Dairy Science & Technology 
• College of Dairy Science& Technology,Idukki 
• College of Dairy Science& Technology Mannuthi, Thrissur 

BSc. Dairy Science 
• Dairy science college,Bengaluru 
• Veterinary College Hebbal, Bengaluru 
• College of Veterinary Science Tirupati,A P 

B Tech Dairy Science/ M Tech Dairy Science /MSc. Dairy Science 
• College of Veterinary Science Tirupati,A P 

BTech/Mtech Dairy Technology 
• National Dairy Research Institue Karnal,Haryana 

MSc.Dairy Microbiology/ MSc Dairy Chemistry/Animal Biochemistry/Animal Genetics and Breeding 
• National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, Haryana 

Diploma courses Diploma in Dairy Husbandry and Dairy technology (2yrs) 
• Allahabad Agricultural Institute National Dairy Diploma in Dairy Technology (2yrs) 
• National Dairy Research Institute, Bengaluru/ Karnal, Haryana .

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